The great Adventure of Music

Determined to learn more about the art of Flamenco, at the moment of receiving his School degree, nothing could stop him from even hitch-hiking to Spain and stay for several months to learn some of the hottest Andalusian rhythms.

Up to the present day The Master “Paco de Lucia” remained a great authority and Inspiration to Marcin and obviously that kind of musical expression includes many fascinating elements but his heart and imagination felt that there is even something more calling him.


And so he decided to broaden his abilities for classical play and revived his regular studies, this time at the “Academy of Music” in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

But Marcin’s vision still demanded much more diversity, than just one musical direction could ever offer to anyone.


In the thicket of this dilemma and to expand even wider Marcin made three further decisions: attending acting courses at the mentioned academy, studying classical singing and composing his own pieces.

After satisfying enough of his curiosity and ambitions, he found his own, very authentic and unusual way of expression and he began the leisurely process of creating wonderful music to accompany the words of poets, gone already or still alive.


From that the following projects were born:

„Mandolia”, co-created with Hanna Sosnowska (soprano) and

„Tutti Cordi” with the pianist Maria Anastasia Hörner.

began for Marcin Kowalski Jany already when he was a child. Everybody is starting small: the typical humming of favorite songs while playing soccer or climbing trees, tapping along rhythms with the playing radio musicians, being lightning stroke in front of TV when seeing somebody playing the guitar, jamming drums or using a synthesizer.


As an eight year old student of the “Public School for Musicians” in Olsztyn (Poland) he chose to engage in playing violin but decided two years later that he was longing for more rhythm, than the violin could offer him at that moment.


Sometimes being alive means having the courage to change and so a while later, still at the same school in Olsztyn, he chose the classic guitar while additionally getting into even more rhythm on the „homemade” drums: a colorful gathering of bowls! Seemingly thick plastic, they still broke, even in spite of a very „gentle” way of drumming (if that’s actually possible when you get really „into it”!).

While being the owner and constant sponsor of new bowls, his mom, consciously or following intuition, bought Marcin a cassette: „Antologia” by Paco de Lucia, which turned out to be a genius idea! Marcin experienced shock and enlightenment at once!

A new era was born and the bowls were safe now because back to the guitar the need for drums was replaces by the satisfying study of new and inspiring techniques of Flamenco!