The classical guitar

is a wonderful, but a difficult instrument to play as well.

To generate with ease and joy some sweet sounds from her, you first have to devote some time to master the technique.


A good Teacher helps to overcome the more difficult stages of learning in a pace that is supportive for the student.

He reminds of the Joy of playing music or the needed discipline, if either one is forgotten.

He is a good, sensitive musician and a good psychologist at the same time.

A good Teacher has overcome the technical difficulties himself and has won the battle with discouragement and doubt and knows how to help others to do the same.

He is flexible – treats every student individually, doesn’t compare one with the other if that’s not necessary.


But in the first place is a good Teacher an example that we can follow and an embodiment of having reached a goal, which only in the beginning seems unreachable.


Others say, that I’m a good Teacher.

That’s nice to hear but I can’t fully believe in what others say which is why I’m constantly learning more, to still improve my profession and abilities.

I have an open mind and am not afraid to change whatever is needed to broaden my 18 years of experience.


And You shouldn’t believe those others neither.

Try yourself if it’s true what they say about me!


During the lessons we can speak in:

German, English, Polish or Spanish.